Design Your Perfect Work From Home Space

March has been an unpredictable month for many, but we have decided to make the most of this downtime and turn it into ‘inspiration time!’ In this blog post we are going to be taking a look into some great home workspace office designs, and give you some advice to get your work from home space inspired! Working from home can be completely freeing, while also tremendously hard. With distractions in every corner of the room, it can be hard to stay on track! Our first piece of advice is to find your own space and own it! Set that as your creative workstation.

Designing your workspace:
There are three main aspects of a workspace that can spark inspiration and help productivity, let's break those down!

Good Light:
Working in a bright space will help keep your attention on track. We recommend a room with natural light, while also ensuring your desk space is lit well enough to minimise eye strain and to keep your space bright. This is where designing your space can come into its own! Use beautiful lights to brighten up your space! By using matching a light design and colour to your space, you can really start to create a unique workspace that screams productivity! Check out our examples below:

Three images of natural light and decorative lighting
Image credit: @harrietlorainesmith | @renovating_bertha_villas | @harrietlorainesmith

Declutter your space:
Working in a cluttered space can really be bad for productivity. Keep your desk tidy and minimal if you want to get that super boost and impress your boss! Let’s face it, we all love to organise stationery, and procrastinate with cleaning; so declutter your desk and the space around you. We have a great lighting hack to avoid using large lamps on your desk: hanging pendant lights! We love using our reeded and hanging pendants above desks and workspaces to really give the best lighting, while also looking absolutely stunning in interior design and keeping your desk clutter free!

Three images of hybrid office table spaces with low hanging pendant lights
Image credit: @elleetmoidesign | @gabbieshome | @elleetmoidesign

Colour and nature:
Colour plays a big part in happiness and wellbeing. Keep your mind happy and uplifted during your lonely work from home periods by taking advantage of pops of colour. Whether that's using your favourite plants to add greens and earth tones, or painting an accent wall around your workspace to really bring your interior design together.

Small built in wall desks in relaxing green and muted colouring with spark and bell wall lights
Image credit: @eilishrickardinteriors | @rebecca.wakefield | @eilishrickardinteriors

Overall, we know this period of time is tough for everyone. Keeping your work and mental space clear and relaxed is really important. If you feel like you don't have a space in your house that works for you, we strongly recommend you make one! Want to know something fun? All of the images we showed off feature our Spark and Bell lights! Our amazing customers like you send us photos of their amazing spaces! You too can make your dream workspace a reality.
If you want to kick-start your workspace renovation project our shop is a great place to start. Browse a full range of bespoke lights and take control of your space.