Welcome Home - Entryway Styling and Lighting Inspiration

Creating an inviting environment starts with the right lighting and cosy décor.

Learn how to transform your hallway with lighting and other interior design tips for a warm and inviting entrance to your home.

The hallway can play an important role in the interior design of a home. It sets the tone and makes the first impression. Ideally, you want your visitors to feel welcome, impressed – and possibly just the teeniest bit envious.

Lighting is absolutely the key: with the right lights, you can make your hallway a sensational space in its own right.

The trick is to think about what kind of light you need for your hallway. Do you want it to be bright and welcoming? Or more subdued, with a few lamps to light your way? In this post we're going to look at how Spark and Bell lights have been used by some of our customers to help you create the perfect entry to your home.

Hallway lighting image from @1930ssemicharmed_life
The Atlas pendant in the gorgeous hallway of @1930ssemicharmed_life


Pendants and personal touches:

Hanging some (or a lot) of your favourite photographs or artwork is a lovely way to add a personal touch and give your guests plenty to look at. Pendant lights are a great way to add ambiance and style to your entryway without taking up more wall space, as seen here in the lovely hallway of Sherri, a customer in the US.

The way Sherri has styled our tinted brown reeded pendant with the wooden photo frames and antique looking runner is a great way to keep to a colour scheme. Clearly, even her gorgeous dogs approve.

Pendant lights are a great choice for hallways because they provide functional lighting above your head, which is exactly what you want in a hallway. They also provide decorative lighting that can help set the tone for whatever room you're walking into next. And with our pendants you can choose your favourite metal finish or cable colour.


Lovely traditional hallway


Flush wall or ceiling lights

Wall lights are a great option for lighting up a a stairway in a simple but very effective way. Just one or two by themselves can be used for ambience or to enhance the overall light of the room. A minimalist decor can really work for smaller hallways so that they don't end up feeling too 'busy' which can make them feel too confined. This is where a flush fit wall light can work really well as seen in this stairway from @Thelotrreno featuring our Opal Flush wall lights in brass.

Even in larger spaces flush ceiling lights are a great option in order to keep the space free and open, like in this gorgeous hallway from .....our reeded shades are available both flush ceiling light and pendant light versions so you can mix and match as you wish.

Double image, hallway lighting examples

Make a statement

Statement lights look fantastic in almost any decor style without imposing on the space. The Lir pendant sits so perfectly in this eye-catching, monochrome hallway. with the brass and multiple opal shades being such a great choice to sit against the black and white.

And our long diamond pendant in the colourful hallway of ....where you can choose a cable colour to match or completely contrast your scheme and customise the length depending on your ceiling height.

A statement light doesn’t have to be style over substance and having that wow factor light that is also functional is something we can definitely help with at Spark and Bell. Why not have a look for yourself?