The Perfect Pantry Shelf Lighting - Kitchen Shelf Lighting Inspiration from Our Customers

Shelly wall light in black in the kitchen

Whether you store your cocktail set or cereal on your new kitchen shelves, a really great way to elevate your design is to create layering in your kitchen shelving. This allows the eye to indulge in layers of texture, contrast, colour, structure and form creating a sense of depth and space, as well as multiple pockets of interest around the kitchen for the eye to indulge in. This rule isn’t exclusive to kitchen shelving either!

Lighting is not only a really lovely and effective component in creating this sense of layering, it also lifts and warms the space by creating light along the walls which may otherwise become shadowy and dark. Lighting above kitchen shelves also creates better visibility for the worktops below and provides a variety of options to bring a sense of mood and ambiance to the space.

We seem to have so many talented customers who designed fabulous kitchens and have sent in their wonderful examples of this. Here we’ve grouped some of those examples together showing how to use lighting above kitchen shelving, as shared by our wonderful customers. We recommend to look at the colorways and material matching in some of these shots!

Let the inspiration begin:

Below @fernhouselndn have used the “Khala” Wooden Wall Light in their kitchen design to lift the eye creating a lovely sense of height. The material matching between the oak sconces, shelving and even the photo frame brings a complete balance of colour. Its even worth noting the brass hints connected between the Khala’s lampholder and the brass tap.

Images of different views of a blue and natural colour kitchen
Photo credit: @fernhouselndn

Here @haycroftvilla uses the Opal Flush Wall Light with Oak to compliment their calming, naturalistic colour scheme. The white of the opal shades has been paired with the white shelving while the oak accent of the wall rose is a hint towards the stunning cabinetry installed in this kitchen.

The unique styling of ceramic kitchen utensils with matching home accessories has really made this small corner of the kitchen a little cove of calm, unified by design

We love to see a bit of functional interior styling

A great choice for kitchen shelf lighting is the Flexi Neck Swing Lamp collection. These beautiful lamps brings both style and practicality as the flexi neck allows you to move the light in whichever direction you need. Here @cderafelis_interior uses the Flexi Neck Swing Lamp in Brass with Oak Wall Mount.
Flexible lighting is often seen in table lamps and floor lamps in lounges and offices but is often forgotten in areas such as the kitchen. This clever option of lighting gives that little bit extra light for working, chopping and cooking, especially if under cabinet lighting is not a possibility in your build.

@elliedichler from continues the functional kitchen lighting with another great choice if you want to have adjustable lighting above your countertops - The “Shelly” Wall Lamp. There is a clear love for brass accents in this kitchen, with the hints from railings, taps and switches; and the lights are no different with hints of brass in the arms.

Tile envy is how we would describe this gorgeous kitchen, with the perfectly positioned backsplash that seems to effortlessly blend into the counter tops and cabinets. The addition of a live edge oak shelf bring this whole design together with the stronger black and brass tones. The small details are everything here, with even matching pump bottles to tie in the colour choices in this kitchen.

All of this wonderful customer inspiration comes from our Instagram, and more specifically the wonderful customer accounts that send the photos in. So please head over and follow some of these talented interior designers!

Here are some of our lights featured in the kitchens in this blog:

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