Beautiful Bathrooms and the Inspiration to Create Your Own

Beautiful bathrooms and the inspiration to create your own

To me, bathrooms are a space in the home where your interior design creativity can run wild.
Whether you prefer the tranquility of a spa or prefer bold colours and pattern tiles, the bathroom is the perfect space to express your unique design style.

The most frequent question I get asked is; “Are my lights safe to use in a bathroom?” (i.e. are they IP44/ IP66 etc.)

All of my lights are IP20, so may not be suitable for Zones 1 and 2 in a bathroom. But don’t despair, all is not lost. Below is a diagram of zones in a bathroom. As long as you avoid Zones 1 and 2 you’re fine. As you can see, 60 cm over a sink is out of these zones, hence why you see so many of my lights installed either side of bathroom mirrors. BUT, if in doubt, speak to your electrician, as they are the ones that are installing the lights, and can at times pull rank and insist on IP44 lights.

So let's get to the fun part-photo inspo!

Whether you’re here to start planning your next bathroom project or just peeking at some stunning ways our lights have been incorporated into our customers bathrooms, keep on scrolling for some serious interior envy.

Thinking big for some of the smallest rooms can be a tough job. Personally the bathroom is a great opportunity to play with fun statement tiles like the customer photo here. I love the sleek but fun use of lines and geometric shapes incorporated into the space.

Brass accents against a white background never fail to create a tied together interior. Keeping it simple will give your bathroom an air of elegance and beauty. Monochromatic bathrooms hugely benefit from natural plants and an introduction of another texture. Using these elements decoratively will give the space a softer homely feel.

The contrast in these bathrooms is both striking and stunning. Moving away from the classic white bathroom aesthetic, the introduction of a deep colour such as the navy walls and dark grey tiles above creates a modern on trend feel.

So how about this beauty?! Lou Kelly, AKA @onefoureight on Instagram, has one of my all-time favourite bathrooms. Her attention to the smaller details and varied use of materials and finishes makes this an amazing bathroom. It’s a great example of mixing metal finishes together with a great result! Don’t be afraid to vary and mix metals like the black hardware and brass Arc lighting. In this instance the brass adds warmth to the space. The star of the show however is the Terazzo backsplash by Terrazzo Tiles.

If minimal colour just isn't your thing don’t worry! These bathrooms display some many exciting ways to incorporate colour into your space. From turquoise tiles to baby pink hues there's no end of possibility using colour.

Kast Concrete Basins - Pitch Basin framed with two Opal Shade pendants

Symmetry; an age-old notion of beauty. A quick and easy way to get your bathroom space looking composed, is to design with symmetry. In a bathroom, the placement of lights and mirrors offers a fun way to divide up the room and provide the space with strong proportions.

Finally, pattern is a great way to introduce some excitement into any bathroom. There are endless options when it comes to the variety available. I enjoy a bold patterned tile (like the image above) contrasting with block colour. Patterns like this are a great way to make a statement in your home.

If you loved the feel of these bathrooms we can let you into a little secret… all the lights you can see are made by us! Our Spark & Bell lights are a favourite for interior design. You can browse our range here.

Big credit to all the brilliant customers and businesses who have been kind enough to share images of their beautiful homes with us!

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