Pendant Lengths


I'm starting these blog posts to help you guys with planning your space and this is a question I often get - what height should I hang my pendants over my dining table/ kitchen counter?

Here are the recommended heights:

Over Dining table          28-34" (58-86cm)
Over Kitchen Island       30-40"  (76- 101cm)  
Approx 12"-18" apart when using more than one
Over Floor 84-96” (213cm- 243cm)

Hight Blog-02.png
Hight Blog-01.png

At Spark and Bell, we always welcome you giving us your customised lengths for your pendants, so to save you or your electrician time in shortening cable lengths, have a quick measure and let us know when you order.

We would highly recommend sitting or standing  at your space, and with a measuring tape have a play with heights, keeping in mind the light you want to buy for the space. With our fabric cable lights, you can easily adjust when you get them, by loosening cable grip. However with our brass stem lights, it's important to get it right from the start!

Below are a selection of images of our pendants over a variety of spaces. Do remember, that rules are meant to be broken and your space is your space

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