Does Spark & Bell Make Bathroom Lights?

By far the question we get asked the most, is if our lights are safe to use in the bathroom? I.e. are they rated as IP44 or IP66 and what are bathroom zones? The diagram below shows a breakdown of these zones.

Up until recently, all our lights were IP20, which are suitable for Zones 3. This was, for example, 60cm over a sink, but not suitable for Zones 1&2, directly in a shower or bath area.
Spark & Bell are delighted to launch our first batch of IP44 lights which will be suitable for Zone 2 & Zone 3. This means you can use them within 60cm radius above a sink, within 60cm from edge of bath and shower and a height of 2.25m if over bath and shower.

Kast Basins with Spark & Bell Lighting

Bathroom zones explained:

ZONE 1: Inside the bathtub or shower area, lights installed here would need to be at least IP67, immersion proof, which we currently do not supply.

ZONE 2: Area stretching to 60cm and up to 2.25m above from the floor outside the bath and shower area , and above your sink. Here you will need IP44 lights, which indicates moderate protection against solid objects and water.

ZONE 3: 600mm outside bath and shower parameter and 2.25m from the floor and 600mm above your sink. Any of our lights work here.


Top Tips

  • Love our pendants, but worries they might fall into zone 1 or 2? Shorten the flex length to keep it above the splash zones and into zone 3 (2.25m from floor, 60cm from bath or shower)
  • Metal finishes: Love raw brass? Please be wary that in a room with moisture, raw brass will patina faster and may develop spots. This can add to the heritage look, but if you prefer to retain the original finish we recommend nickel, bronze or Powder coated finish. Satin brass while it has a protective layer and will retain its lustre longer, over time this may also mark in a room with moisture.
  • Is your electrician insisting on IP44 lights even if they are installed in zone 3? Having the above information may help you have that conversation with your installer so you can get the lights you want for your space - don’t be deterred but also check with them first.

Want to delve deeper?

For those that want to delve deeper below is a table explaining what the numbers in an IP rating signify and the level of protection is provides.

If you have any more questions or are looking for support with lighting for bathrooms, please do get in touch with our team via our contact page.