Our Craft Has Conscience

Circular Design

Considering the full lifecycle of a product and its impact on the community, economy and planet 

Closing The Loop

Working Towards Circularity

The primary goal of closed-loop design is to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency by designing sustainable, adaptable, and regenerative products thereby reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy. Lighting products should be capable of being dismantled to base components to be up or down cycled, or, as a last resort, re-cycled and returned to the materials reservoir.This diagram breaks down the various ways we are nurturing these design principles here at Spark & Bell.

Supply Chain Accountability

Wherever we can, we choose to work with local artists, designers, and manufacturers to limit our supply chain footprint. along with materials such as brass, cork, jesmonite, local sourced wood, and recycled plastic.

Structure & Policy

We’ve structured our business on the principles of sustainability and circular design. Every decision we make, from the material choices to construction methods, take the life of the product and its end of life into consideration to reduce waste and minimise our impact on the planet.

Smart Material Use

Almost all of our packaging is recyclable or recycled from suppliers such as turning old boxes into packing filler from our own supply chain. Along with manufacturing materials such as brass, cork, jesmonite, local sourced wood, and recycled plastic; we are confident our entire product line stands out as smart material use.

We are particularly proud of our Marbled Recycled Plastic. These recycled plastics are produced by our own team using our suppliers' plastic waste streams, as well as the waste streams of nearby local businesses. This turns waste plastics into long-lasting, beautiful, and circular materials.

10 Year Product Warranty

Our products are handmade to lsat a lifetime, and come with a 10 year guarantee. As a responsible manufacturer, we carry our company values and policies into our supply chain so that our customers can have confidence in the fact that all our products are manufactured using only environmentally safe materials and processes and are made with quality materials for a lasting design. 

10 Year Product Warranty

In-House Repair Service

We offer a free repair service that ensures long life and sustainability of every light we produce. If your light is not covered in our 10 year guarantee, our skilled team is ready to repair it to ensure a longer life cycle. While the service and labour is free, do get in touch to cost up any additional material costs before you send it back for repair. Once we’re happy with the repair and it has been retested for safety, we will return the light free of charge (UK only).
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End of Life

Through our environmental management system, we are continually reducing our use of natural resources, whilst optimising recycled materials, avoiding waste generation, and increasing recycling. If your Spark & Bell lights have reached the end of their life we believe that collecting materials from you the consumers to reintroduce them to the original manufacturing cycle is the most sustainable end to your light’s life cycle.

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