"Cara" Wall Light - Hardwood

"Cara" Wall Light - Hardwood

Minimalistic and elegant hand crafted wooden base with central soft matte opal globe. Available in three hardwoord options.
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Our Cara pendants have become a firm favourite of our customers so it was only a matter of time that we designed a wall light version. One of our wonderful local makers and brilliant wood worker, Tom Robinson, works with us to produce beautiful wooden parts across a range of our lights, including this timeless Cara wall light

Despite its bold, otherworldly aesthetics, ‘spalting’ is a completely natural process in which fungi colonise a piece of wood, and over its lifespan, discolours the grain through nutrient extraction, leaving behind nothing less than an organic piece of art. The Cara Wall light allows the eye-catching spalted beech finish to shine creating a perfectly balanced piece for a truly special lighting design.

Oak is a staple of quality interior design, from mid-century modern to Shaker chic, its adaptable and timeless. Our Oak version of the Cara Wall light has been finished with a clear organic sealer to bring out the natural lustre and definition to the light wood grain, and is paired with satin brass fittings. This warm, rounded shade design brings joy, elegance and calmness into the home with its natural tones and warm glow.

Deep and rich in texture, the darker grain of the Walnut finish on the Cara Wall Light provides a perfectly natural base to highlight the curved plane of the shade and brass hardware. Big enough to make an impact, but small enough for simple styling, this minimalistic design has a maturity and elegance that can’t be overlooked.

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