Frequently asked question

Q. What does raw brass mean?
A. Raw brass is our favourite finish and one you will see alot of in our products. Its unsealed and lightly polished. We ensure there are no major marks before they go out, but some light markings may be visible due to the machine spinning of the brass. This brass will develop a nice patina over time.

Q. I would like to polish my brass piece, what should I use?
A. Brasso! Using a soft cloth apply some brasso to your piece and rub gently until the marks disappear. Use another clean soft cloth to remove the residue and polish the piece.

Q. Can you make your light in another metal like chrome?
A. Currently our small workshop is solely focussed on working with brass (cause we love it so much!). We may branch into other metals in the future as we grow but for now we want to focusing on brass.

Q. I live in the US, will these work over here?
A. All of our products are CE certified, using 250v lamp holders, however there are some of our products where we can use UL certified 110v lamp holders. It will specify in the listings. Examples of some of the pieces are the Loki and Lulu brass pendant lights, anything using a Bakelite lamp holder and anything with the pure brass lamp holder cover with domed top. We hope to develop our line with more options in the future.

Q. Do you offer bulk buy discounts?
A. Yes! Send me a message with your project details and what you want and I'll whip up a discount code. 

Q. Are any of your lights IP tested for use in bathrooms?
A. No, currently none of our lights are rated IP44, so they may not be suitable for zones 1&2 in your bathroom. The diagram below shows you these zones, for example 60cm over sink is fine. If in doubt ask your electrician.