Featured: Domino Location House Shoot


When Harriet Loraine Smith contacted me about lights for a project she was working on, I was excited to see what she would do with the Arc pendants and brass pendants she ordered. Harriet has a playful and creative aesthetic which moves between Dutch Golden age painting to contemporary installations. Light and texture play a key part in her work, as do selecting the right props and working with some excellent photographers. Harriet has worked with everyone from Homes & Gardens to Ikea. You can check out her portfolio here.  

Seeing the results, I was not disappointed!  The images that Oli Douglas shot at the Domino Location house are stunning and Harriet has styled our lights beautifully.


In keeping with the bright and airy space that it is, choosing our twisted white cable and milky white bulbs worked really well. The fabric cable allows you to play with heights once you have your light in your space. 

In the images above, Harriet has cleverly created a dynamic set of pendants, using our double pendant sconces and wall hooks to create a festoon lighting effect. This visually mirrors the sets of lights but also evenly disperses the light in the space. The wall hooks she uses are from Labour and Wait which you can find here.